The Council exists to connect faculty, staff, students and community partners in research-based projects designed to solve critical problems identified collaboratively by community members and the University. All academic disciplines are represented on a Council made up of campus and community members. The Council's various committees oversee project funding, conduct an awards program, publish a research journal, propose methods to integrate teaching and research, and seek outside funding all with the goal of fulfilling the Division of Community Affairs' motto: "Engaging Communities and Changing Lives."

2016–2017 Council Meetings

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 | 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Bryant Conference Center, Rast Room
Meeting Overview

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 | 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Bryant Conference Center, Birmingham Room
Meeting Overview

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Bryant Conference Center, Birmingham Room

Thursday, April 6, 2017 | 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Bryant Conference Center, Birmingham Room

Council Executive Committee

Chair of the Executive Committee
Dr. Peter Hlebowitsh, Dean, College of Education

Chair of the Proposal and Seed Funding Committee
Dr. Martha Crowther, Professor, Department of Psychology

Chair of the Faculty Teaching and Research Support Committee
Dr. Rebecca Allen, Professor of Psychology, Alabama Research Institute on Aging

Chair of the Academic Conference and Presentation Committee
Dr. Jen Nickelson, Human Environmental Sciences

Chair of the Excellence in Community Engagement Recognition Committee
Dr. George Daniels, College of Communication and Information Sciences.

Chair of the Community Partnership Support
Amanda Waller, Executive Director, Tuscaloosa One Place

Co-Chairs of the Student Involvement and Support Committee
Calia Torres, Graduate Student - Department of Psychology
Tera “CeeCee” Johnson, Undergraduate Student, Department of Psychology


Council Members

Natalie Adams New College,
Carol Agomo Community Affairs,
Tania Alameda-Lawson School of Social Work,
David Albright School of Social Work,
Stacy Alley
Musical Theatre and Dance,
Marcus Ashford Mechanical Engineering,
Natalie Beck Master's Student,
Ginger Bishop Institutional Effectiveness,
Sheila Black Psychology,
Stephen Black Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility,
Adam Bonertz Undergraduate student,
Marco Bonizzoni
Laurie Bonnici
School of Library and Information Studies,
Karyn Bowen Community Affairs,
Karen Boykin Chemistry,
Scott Bridges
School of Music,
Jackie Brodsky Wayne State University and SLIS,
Sally Brown Center For Economic Development,
John T. F. Burgess School of Library and Information Studies,
Karen Canada School of Social Work,
Jennifer L. Caputo New College and School of Music,
Vicky Carter Doctoral Student,
Naomi Choi Political Science,
Chandra Clark Telecommunication and Film,
Shani Collins Social Work,
Dee Cook Community Affairs,
Douglas Craddock Community Affairs,
Gary Creek Academic Affairs,
Martha R. Crowther Psychology,
George Daniels College of Communication and Information Sciences,
Pamela Dorr HERO, Greensboro,
Rita Doughty Social Work/Nursing,
Isabelle Drewelow Modern Languages and Classics,
Ryan Earley Biological Sciences,
Craig Edalbrock Continuing Studies,
William A. Evans Telecommunication and Film,
Mirit Eyal-Cohen Law Studies,
Daniel J. Fonseca Industrial Engineering,
Briana Ford Undergraduate student,
David M. Ford Management and Marketing,
Pamela Payne Foster Community and Rural Medicine,
David A. Francko Dean of the Graduate School,
Faythe R. Freese School of Music,
Kenneth Fridley Engineering,
Yun Fu CCBP,
Philip Gable Psychology,
Brittany Galloway Graduate student,
Antonio Gardner Community Affairs,
Safiya George College of Nursing,
Kimberly Gibson School of Social Work,
Daniel Goebbert Chemistry,
J. Brian Gray Dean, College of Business,
Jeff Gray Computer Science,
Rosianna Gray Community Affairs,
Jennifer Greer Associate Provost Academic Affairs,
Deidra Hall Undergraduate student,
Karl Hamner Nursing/Social Work,
Samantha Hansen Geological Sciences,
David Hardy Education,
William Hart Psychology,
Elizabeth Hartley Community Affairs,
Beverly G. Hawk CCBP,
Teri Henley Advertising and Public Relations,
John C. Higginbotham Community and Rural Medicine,
Peter Hlebowitsh Dean, College of Education,
Rick A. Houser Educational Studies in Psychology,
Nicole Hughes Self-DrakeSchool of Law,
Rachel Hughes Student,
Michael Innis-Jiminez American Studies,
Matthew A. Jarrett Psychology,
Lindsey Johnson Academic Affairs,
Rebecca Kelly Kinesiology,
Mary (Sabrena) Jackson School of Social Work,
Pauline D. Johnson Civil and Environmental, Engineering
Philip W. Johnson Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Tera Johnson Undergraduate student,
Mary Jolley Community Volunteer,
James King Culverhouse College of Commerce,
Billy Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. Exec. Director, West Ala. AIDS Outreach,
Lorne Kuffel Institutional Research and Assessment,
Kimberly Lackey Biological Sciences,
Cheryl Leonard Office of the Vice President for Research,
Anne Levy Arts and Sciences - Theatre and Dance,  
Yuehan Lu Geological Sciences,
Felecia Lucky Black Belt Community Foundation,
Lou Marino Culverhouse College of Commerce,
Jim McLean CCBP,
Lane McLelland Crossroads Community Center,
Kathryn Merritt Honors College,
Claudia Mewes Physics and Astronomy,
Andrew Minear School of Music,
Nisa Miranda Center for Economic Development,
Jermaine Mitchell Community Affairs,
Cynthia E. Moore Community and Rural Medicine,
Jacqueline V. Morgan Honors Colllege,
Rob Morgan Culverhouse College of Commerce,
Edward Mullins CCBP,
Rekha Nath Philosophy,
Mark D. Nelson Dean, C&IS,
Jane Newman College of Education,
Sharon E. Nichols Curriculum and Instruction,
Erin O'Rourke Modern Languages and Classics,
Jeffrey G. Parker Psychology,
Angelia Paschal Human Environmental Sciences,
Mary Patterson AERN,
Carl Pinkert Vice President for Research and Economical Development,
Heather Pleasants Institutional Effectiveness,
Samory Pruitt Vice President of Community Affairs,
Margaret A. Purcell
University of Alabama System,
Laura Reed Biology,
Michelle Robinson English,
Josh Sahib Gorgas Library,
Jenny Shaw
Sky Shineman Painting/Art,
Jennifer Shoaff Race and Gender Studies,
Roger Sidje Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences,
Merinda Simmons Religious Studies,
Cassandra E. Simon School of Social Work,
Senator Bobby D. Singleton Alabama Legislature,
Cassander Smith English,
Patricia Sobecky Associate Provost for Academic Affairs,
Ellen G. Spears
New College and American Studies,
Karen Spector Education,
Christopher H. Spencer CCBP,
Alejandro Staehle Undergraduate student,
B. Joyce Stallworth Academic Affairs,
Christina Staudhammer Biological Sciences,
William Suclupe Veteran and Military Affairs,
Cynthia Sunal Education,
Tommie S. Syx C&BA,
Joanne J. Terrell School of Social Work,
Beverly Thorn Psychology,
Patrick Toale Physics & Astronomy,
Glen Tootle Engineering,
Dean Townsley Physics & Astronomy,
Kellie Wells English,
John Ross Wheat Community and Rural Medicine,
Kevin A. Whitaker Interim Provost,
Javonda Williams School of Social Work,
Megan Williams Student,
Matthew Wisla Communications and Information Sciences,  
Thomas L. Wolfe Arts and Sciences,
Fan Yang Doctoral Student,

Meeting Notes At A Glance