Binge Drinking Among College Students

By Kirsten J. Barnes
Center for Community-Based Partnerships

Although graduate students conduct most engaged scholarship work at The University of Alabama, undergraduate students also are getting involved in the process.

For public relations major Sam Nathews, the opportunity to assist with a campaign focusing on an undergraduate problem, created a unique opportunity to engage fellow students and gain real-world experience.

LessThanUThink was a campaign launched to raise awareness about binge drinking among college students.

While working with the Capstone Agency, UA's student-run public relations firm, Nathews worked with the Century Council, UA's Student Health Center, The National Alcohol Beverage Control Association and the Alabama Beverage Control Board to partner with six campuses to raise awareness concerning the dangers of binge drinking among students at six campuses throughout the state.

In addition to UA students, the campaign reached out to the following schools: Auburn University; the University of Alabama, Birmingham; Troy University; University of South Alabama; and Alabama State University.