Engaged Scholarship in Walker County


 RESEARCH "“ SERVICE "“ PARTNERSHIP Receive 8 credit hours partnering with Walker County communities! 3 hours for NEW 490 and 5 hours for Summer 2012 internship

Join us for LUNCH and Introductory Q & A, 12:30 p.m., Wednesday, December 7, New College Lounge, Lloyd 216

With New College faculty, Walker Area Community Foundation Executive Director Paul Kennedy; Director of Operations Cristy Moody; and Walker Area Transformational Coalition for Health (WATCH) board member Dr. Karl Hamner, assistant dean of Scholarly Affairs, Capstone College of Nursing and School of Social Work

NEW COLLEGE Spring Course and Summer Community-Based Research Internship

Engaged Scholarship in Walker County

Institutions of higher education and local citizens are rich sources of knowledge for addressing complex, socio-economic issues facing Alabama communities. This academic course/internship provides the opportunity to experience the dynamic work of engaged scholarship by combining UA student academic research and service-learning with the wisdom and civic commitment of community partners in the Walker County area.

The spring 2012 NEW 490 course is a prerequisite for the 5 credit hour, two-month, summer internship in Walker County. It will cover principles and practices in community-based research and civic engagement, and it is specifically designed for the project development necessary for an engaged scholarship experience. Enrollment in this course indicates the intention to live and work as an embedded community-based research intern in Walker County during June and July 2012.

Class meeting times to be determined in consultation with students and Walker County partners. For more information about the course, internship opportunities, and internship application requirements, contact Lane McLelland, lane.mclelland@ua.edu or 205-348-2642. To view a presentation of the Summer 2011 pilot internship program given at the Alabama Possible Lifetime of Learning Summit, go to: http://www.as.ua.edu/nc/community_partnerships/index.php