Makafu Akpene Gonyoe´┐╝

Your Name: Makafu Akpene Gonyoe

Home Country: Ghana

Year you arrived in Tuscaloosa: 2022

What languages do you speak: Fluent English, French, Ewe, Asante Twi, and Ga

What brought you to Tuscaloosa? I came to Tuscaloosa to pursue a PhD in Communication and Information Sciences.

What was your first impression of Tuscaloosa? My very first impression of Tuscaloosa was the serene environment and how less populated it is compared to where I lived in Ghana.

What were the hardest parts of adjusting to living here? The hardest part of adjusting to living here has been about food. Having to always improvise my local delicacies because I cannot get the exact ingredients here in Tuscaloosa to buy.

What were some things you liked best when you arrived? I loved the apartment complexes, the building infrastructure. The warm reception of some community members who could tell from the look on your face that you are new was very soothing.

What are some things you have come to like about Tuscaloosa over time? Over time, I have come to love the weather in Tuscaloosa, although it gets too hot sometimes. Also, I feel safe living in Tuscaloosa.

What can Tuscaloosa do to make this community better for international residents? We need an African market here in Tuscaloosa. Driving all the way to Birmingham just to find what you need can be disheartening sometimes. The African population keeps increasing by day and running such a business will be very lucrative.

What statement would you like to share with other people who have recently come to Tuscaloosa, or with people in the Tuscaloosa community at large? It is safe living in Tuscaloosa. The community is not densely populated, no need to worry about what other people will think of you. Just be disciplined and obey the rules, and you will enjoy your stay.