More than 250 Proposals Received for Presentation at NOSC 2012

Members of the NOSC 2012 Planning Committee discuss the conference.






By deadline a total of 252 proposals had been submitted for NOSC 2012. Here is the breakdown: By faculty and staff, 154; by students, 63; and by community partners, 35.

About two dozen categories ranging from theory and methods to volunteering, from children and youth to math and science were represented by the submissions. Almost three dozen academic disciplines were represented, ranging from health sciences to management, from environmental engineering to art history.

A total of 75 colleges and universities were represented, with the highest number, 58, coming from The University of Alabama as expected, but a surprisingly large number from several other universities. The University of Georgia was second, with 24; and Auburn and N.C. State were tied with third, with 13.

Five Alabama universities submitted proposals. In addition to Alabama and Auburn they were the University of Alabama Birmingham, the University of Alabama Huntsville, and Tuskegee University.

Judging is under way and proposers will be notified in a few days whether their proposals were accepted.

Janet Griffith and Ed Mullins, members of the NOSC Advisory Committee, are doing the first draft of the program, sorting through the proposals this week, trying to fit them into logical time slots and groupings.