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The Council on Community-Based Partnerships recognizes outstanding achievements in engagement scholarship. Students, faculty, staff and their community partners are honored for excellence in community-based research.


The Council on Community-Based Partnerships seeks proposals for seed funds for community-based/community-engaged research projects that seek to advance the quality of life for Alabamians. The purpose of this funding is to provide start-up funding support for community engagement research and scholarship.


Award amounts vary, but may not exceed $5,000. Please refer to the following criteria in writing your proposal:

Funds will be available on October 16, 2023–August 2, 2024. Recipients and department accounting officials will receive notice when the funds are available. The notification will include instructions on how to process expenses related to the project.

Award recipients must follow all university purchasing guidelines and spending policies as well as these additional guidelines: Purchase of personal computing equipment (e.g., tablets, laptops, desktops, cameras) is not allowed; recurring operating expenses (e.g., monthly telecommunication charges, utility charges, copier program charges) must not be made against the awards; payment for salaries or stipends and monetary participant incentives are not allowed; completed Entertainment Expense Forms or a document that provides information collected by the form will be required for all food purchases.

A detailed report outlining how the award was spent (including the original approved budget) will be due to Dee Cook, Fiscal Affairs Coordinator (Box 870372) by September 6, 2024. The packet will be reviewed and the recipient’s department will be asked to provide, by September 1, 2024, information to explain any questionable expenditures. The department will be responsible for funding unapproved expenses, and these must be transferred to a departmental account by September 13, 2024.

Direct questions related to award guidelines to Dee Cook, Fiscal Affairs Coordinator at 205-348-9857205-348-1007 or

Applications are now closed!

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All nominations and submissions are due by 11:59pm on Friday, February 23, 2024.

For questions regarding submissions, please contact Community Affairs at or (205) 348-8376.