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“At the University of Alabama, instructors hope to train the next generation of scientists and engineers by finding them in high school.”

2023 SEA Camp

In July 2023, 32 students from 10 Alabama high schools participated in the STEM Entrepreneurship Academy. Students lived on campus for a week, explored the STEM fields, and develop ways to support needs in their school communities through entrepreneurship.

About the Camp

This camp offers a fun and innovative hands-on approach to help students discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in the work place and introduce them to Entrepreneurship concepts that are essential for business start-up.

Campus and Community

Partners of the camp include The Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, The College of Engineering, The College of Arts and Sciences, The Edge Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sanders Aviation, and The Division of Student Life Career Center.

STEM Camp Components


Students will discover the field of biomimicry and its innovative ideas that are at the intersection of biology and technology.


The basics of computer science are introduced and students program their own computer game.


Students explored civil engineering with field experience evaluating a traffic light and checking vehicle speeds. Mechanical engineering principles were introduced through building t-shirt cannons.


The integration of geometry and art is used to introduce students to the world of repeating patterns. In addition, students experience a lesson involving systems of linear equations as they discuss the impact of the federal minimum wage.


Students are introduced to entrepreneurial pioneers and visit a local entrepreneurship center.


Throughout the camp, students work together to apply their STEM knowledge towards a business design that will benefit their community.

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