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Congratulations to all 2023 STEM Showcase participants!

Tell us your idea.

Students may submit an individual project or work with up to three team members. Faculty, staff, and graduate students from The University of Alabama STEM disciplines will be available to mentor participants and help guide project ideas. Mentors will communicate with students through a teacher at their school.




Environmental & Earth Sciences

Mathematics + Computer Science

Medicine + Health Science

Physical Sciences (including space)

Behavioral + Social Sciences

Energy + Transportation

Just what the judges are looking for.

Judging criteria for science projects:

I. Research Question (10 pts)
II. Design and Methodology (15 pts)
III. Execution: Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation (20 pts)
IV. Creativity (20 pts)
V. Presentation (35 pts)

Judging criteria for engineering projects:

I. Research Problem (10 pts)
II. Design and Methodology (15 pts)
III. Execution: Construction and Testing (20 pts)
IV. Creativity (20 pts)
V. Presentation (35 pts)

Become a mentor or judge.

UA faculty, staff and graduate student volunteers are needed to serve as mentors and judges.

Mentor Commitment

• Connect monthly with schools
• Guide & advise project development
• Timeline: September–January

Judging Commitment

• Judge video submissions via provided ISEF criteria
• Attend prepatory judges meeting
• Timeline: January 17–29

Want to know more?

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