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International Expert on Rebuilding After Disasters Visiting Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA "” An international expert on rebuilding after disasters, Dr. Adenrele Awotona, a University of Massachusetts professor who directs the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters, is in Tuscaloosa for two days (Wednesday and Thursday, June 29-30) to lead a workshop for area and university officials and citizens.

The College of Education and the Division of Community Affairs are co-sponsors of the workshop, which focuses on children and their families. The workshop covers such issues as assessment of impact, identifying children needs before, during and after disasters; developing a comprehensive post-tornado action plan; and future disaster risk reduction, said Dr. Rick Houser, professor and head of the Department of Education Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology and Counseling.

"The aim of the workshop is to ensure that the needs and priorities of children are integrated into official reconstruction policies," Houser said.

About 75 individuals representing cities, counties, schools, churches, foundations, businesses, neighborhood organizations, academic and service departments are on hand for the workshop.

Dr. Samuel Addy, director of UA's Center for Business and Economic Research, released a six-page study to participants that estimates the economic and fiscal impact of the April tornadoes. Addy's report is careful to point out that these are estimates and that all of the storm effects are temporary.

"¢ 6,000 unemployed, but after returns and other factors, reduces to 3,761 as a direct effect of the tornado.

"¢ Jobs temporarily lost range from about 5,600 to 13,200.

"¢ Total lost earnings, $219 million to $508 million

"¢ Taxes lost, $19 million to $44 million

"¢ Recovery activities (cleanup, assistance, rebuilding, etc.) will pump $2.6 billion into the state economy in 2011. These funds will come mostly from insurance and federal sources.

"¢ Another $2 to $3 billion in rebuilding will continue into 2012, resulting in about 37,000 to 74,000 jobs and $1 to $2+ billion in earnings for an average of about $32,000 per worker and $63 to $126 million in state income and sales taxes and $24 to $47 million in local sales tax receipts

All of this "will generate enough revenue to cover damage-induced losses to state finances as well as the state spending for cleanup," if assumptions hold, according to the report by Addy and Ahmad Ijaz, CBER director of economic forecasting.


Tornado Disaster Relief

  • May 6th, 2011
  • in News

To our Council for Community-Based Partnerships family:

We hope that this email finds you and your families safe and well.

As we seek to address the many needs that our community has in the aftermath of the 4/27 tornadoes, and as we look toward the future, we would like to ask for your assistance with a specific project that requires our immediate attention.

Within the next few days, the tornado relief center that has been located at Holt High School will be relocating to Holt Baptist Church, and the relief center at Leland Lanes will be redirecting volunteers and resources to Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. We are asking for your assistance in:

1) Directing volunteers (faculty, staff and students) to these churches;

1) Coordination of volunteers and/or coordination of UA summer courses that could use service learning to assist those who have been affected by the tornado; and

2) Offering of service learning opportunities through existing courses that you  or others may be teaching in the 2011 Interim, Summer I and summer II semesters.

Initially, a primary focus for our support of communities in the Holt and Alberta City area will be in serving as a point of contact for individuals who may be seeking a variety of services. Additionally, we are hoping to address issues related to limited transportation for those who have been affected by the tornadoes.

If you are interested in assisting us with this work, or have further questions, please contact us at:
(205) 348-7392, or at the following email addresses:
Chris Spencer: christopher.spencer@ua.edu
Heather Pleasants: hmpleasants@ua.edu

Additionally, please see the list below of websites and facebook pages for additional ways to be of assistance. This list is not comprehensive"”we encourage you to visit these web spaces in order to gain more information on ways to help those in need.

Facebook pages:

Recover Tuscaloosa
Give Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa City Schools
Kelly Horwitz
Help Tuscaloosa
Rebuild Tuscaloosa
Toomer's for Tuscaloosa
T-Town, Never Down "“ Tuscaloosa Tornado Disaster Relief
Animals lost and found from the tornadoes in Alabama on 4/27/11


University of Alabama College of Education Relief Efforts: http://education.ua.edu/about/news/tornado-relief/
University of Alabama Acts of Kindness Fund: https://www.ua.edu/advancement/giving/donate/?division=2&account=349