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Homegrown Farmers Market WILL GO ON this Thursday, May 5

Hello ladies and gents,

I hope that this email finds you and your loved ones safe and sound after that terrible storm. Canterbury Episcopal thankfully was not damaged and has been functioning overtime as a collection center for donations. I hate that our fourth year will begin in these circumstances, but Homegrown will be sure to contribute to the relief effort however we can. Despite the turmoil around us (and today’s gloomy weather), everyone needs good fuel, a little pep in their step, and a hearty laugh every once in a while. So come out to the market and enjoy yourselves.

The market this week will function both as its normal fun-loving self and as a drop-off point for donations for the ongoing disaster relief. Customers are encouraged to donate produce and other goods purchased at the market in addition to bringing outside donations. Cash donations will be accepted in order to provide food assistance for those affected by the storms. Other items that can’t be purchased at the market but are still needed include: canned/boxed food, can openers, tarps for covering roofs, medical supplies, batteries, flashlights, hygiene products, ponchos, underwear and socks; baby items including diapers, diaper cream, wipes and formula; pet supplies including newspapers, dog/cat food, carrying crates and litter; new and gently used children's toys.

Limited parking for market customers will be available on Canterbury’s lawn this year.

In addition to the extensive variety of produce that’s normally available, this year the market will feature locally grown, all natural grass feed beef and goat cheese.

Another exciting addition: Homegrown now accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, formerly known as Food Stamps. An Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) machine will be at the market to transfer SNAP funds into $1 and $3 tokens with the Homegrown Alabama label. As part of an incentive program, Homegrown will match every $10 spent using SNAP with an additional $5 in tokens (while funds last).

Musicians Ham Bagby and Friends will perform at the opening market. We’ll also have children’s activities, including face painting and coloring booklets.

I hope to see you there!


Homegrown Alabama

(205) 210-9621