Call for Applications: Editor Advances in Service-learning and Community Engagement Journal

For the past decade, the Advances in Service-Learning volume series has served the service learning/community engagement community as a primary publishing venue and a major source of current information on theory, issues, and findings in this rapidly-expanding research field.

The International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) is pleased to announce that as of 2012, the Advances in Service-learning series, sponsored by the IARSLCE, will become a journal, published by Information Age Publishing, Inc. The new Advances in Service-Learning and Community Engagement Journal will be edited by an active member of the IARSLCE. In the first three years of its publication, the journal will be published once a year. The Journal Editor will solicit manuscripts at large annually in January and will send them out for peer review, with the aim of making final decisions by April of each year.

The IARSLCE Publications Committee is seeking applications for the position of Editor of this new IARSLCE journal.  This position is an exciting opportunity to shape and contribute to emerging scholarship in the field of service-learning and community engagement. The Editor will be involved with appointment of the editorial review board (see below), supervise the review and publication process, and supervise all marketing for the journal.

To Apply:

Each applicant should submit a CV and a letter of interest that details areas of expertise, scholarship, and previous editorial experience.  Given that serving as Editor of the journal will require significant professional, unpaid service, it will be also important to indicate the kinds of support that will be provided by the applicant's institution.  Such support might include a course release, graduate student or administrative support, office space, etc. (though this is not required to apply).

Applications are due to Stephanie O'Brien at sobrien1@tulane.edu by May 2, 2011. Questions about this opportunity may be directed to KerryAnn O'Meara komeara@umd.edu or Barbara Moely moely@tulane.edu, IARSLCE Publications Committee Co-Chairs.

The IARSLCE Board will review applications and appoint an Editor by May 30. The Editor will work with the IARSLCE's Publications Committee Co-Chairs to appoint an editorial review board that represents the diversity of areas of research on service-learning and community engagement, research designs, forms of scholarship and range of educational settings representative of our membership and conference scholarship.  The initial Call for Submissions will be issued in the fall of 2011.

Call for Applications: IARSLCE Conference Proceedings Editor and Editorial Fellows

The IARSLCE is soliciting applications for the positions of Conference Proceedings Editor and Editorial Fellows.  The Conference Proceedings Editor and Editorial Fellows will oversee the publication of a new online IARSLCE Annual Conference Proceedings. The published Proceedings will include accepted paper abstracts from each year's conference and serve as an added resource, especially for international audiences. The new Proceedings will increase the public visibility of the conference scholarship and the potential of communication with other researchers.

Proceedings Timeframe and Editorial Work:

Editorial work will occur over the summer prior to the Fall IARSLCE conference.

The Editor and Editorial Fellows will be appointed by June 15, 2011 and begin their work in July, 2011.

Proceedings will be published on line prior to the annual conference, no later than October 1, 2011.

Qualifications for and Responsibilities of the Conference Proceedings Editor:

  • The Editor must be a member of the IARSLCE.
  • Both Conference Proceedings Editor & Editorial Fellows will have 2-year appointments.
  • The IARSLCE Board will work with the Graduate Student Network to review applications and appoint a scholar as Conference Proceedings Editor.
  • The Editor will supervise the work of the Editorial Fellows and work closely with an Associate Editor, appointed from the Graduate Student Network Steering Committee.
  • While it is not required that the Proceedings editor have institutional in-kind support for these efforts, if this is possible, applicants should mention this in their application.

Qualifications for and Responsibilities of the Editorial Fellows:

  • The IARSLCE Board will appoint approximately ten Editorial Fellows from within the Graduate Student Network.
  • Work will primarily entail selecting and editing the abstracts and 1000-word summaries of accepted papers submitted for the annual conference into a common form suitable for the Proceedings.  Recent conferences have had 120 papers selected for the conference.
  • Editorial Fellows must be members of the IARSLCE Graduate Student Network.
  • Previous editing experience is desirable but not required.
  • These positions will create an opportunity for graduate students to learn more about the process of editing and publishing, as well as working collaboratively with and learning from a more senior scholar.

To apply to be the Editor of the Proceedings or to be an Editorial Fellow: Please submit, by May 2, 2011,a letter of interest highlighting research background and interests, editorial review experience, and CV, to the Publications Committee Co-Chairs, KerryAnn O'Meara and Barbara Moely, at the IARSLCE Office: sobrien1@tulane.edu.