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Council on Community-Based Partnerships

The Council on Community-Based Partnerships provides travel support for the dissemination of community engagement research and scholarship.

CCBP Academic Conference, Training, and Presentation Support for Community Engagement Scholarship

The purpose of this funding is to provide travel support for the dissemination of community engagement research and scholarship. Funding may also be used for relevant training opportunities. Engaged scholarship combines the familiar traditions of teaching, research, and service in equitable partnerships with communities external to the campus. These partnerships have a goal of creating sustained, positive change in both the community and the academy. Engaged scholarship is reciprocal and is conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect for, and understanding of, partners’ strengths, weaknesses and needs. The ideal engaged scholarship initiative involves faculty and students in partnership with a community entity or entities.


You may apply for travel funds for presentations that have not yet been accepted; however, disbursement of funds is contingent upon acceptance.

Applications should be submitted by the faculty member involved in the community-engagement project or by the Department Head on behalf of the faculty, student, and/or community partner. Up to three (3) persons per community-engagement project or training can apply for funding. Travel involving the community partner and students is strongly encouraged. 

A maximum of $1,000 may be reimbursed for individual faculty, staff. student, or community member applications. Matched funding from departments or colleges is encouraged. Travel Funds awardees should contact Dr. Daniela Susnara, Director of Planning and Assessment, about the reimbursement process by September 1, 2023.

Preference is given to applications that show a high level of community engagement scholarship (for presentations) or potential to enhance community engagement scholarship (for training).

Travel Funds Rubric

Download a PDF of the rubric used for the Travel Funds applications here.

Submissions are now closed!