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The Council on Community-Based Partnerships recognizes outstanding achievements in engagement scholarship. Students, faculty, staff and their community partners are honored for excellence in community-based research.


The Council on Community-Based Partnerships and the Graduate School are pleased to invite faculty proposals to fund Community Engagement Graduate Fellowships. The selected Community Engagement Graduate Fellows and Faculty Advisors will be recognized during the Excellence in Community Engagement Awards Luncheon.



Engaged scholarship combines the familiar traditions of teaching, research, and service in equitable partnerships with communities external to the campus. These partnerships have a goal of creating sustained, positive change in both the community and the academy. Engaged scholarship is reciprocal and is conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect for, and understanding of, both partners’ strengths, weaknesses and needs. The ideal engaged scholarship initiative involves faculty and students in partnership with a community entity or entities.


Download a PDF of the rubric used for the Poster applications here.


Submissions are encouraged that include, but are not limited to innovative designs, partnerships, community/institutional impact, curriculum development/assessment, service-learning, and civic engagement.

If selected, presenters are expected to create, design, and display their posters on the day of the Awards Luncheon. Posters should be approximately 36×48 inches and printed on poster paper. 
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Information regarding the 2024 Council Awards will be available in the Fall!