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Summer 2023 BLAST Academy information coming Spring 2023

BLAST Academy takes place on the UA campus for students ages 6–12.

July 2023 | Monday through Friday | Times TBD

Physical Activity

Through the Sport Education participants will learn about teamwork and leadership while playing net/ball games.


Instructors will lead participants on a 4-week journey to become scientists. Geometry, engineering, computer science and environmental science lessons will be explored.

Art & Writing

Participants will discover the art of storytelling while creating and learning their own musical play.


Social Emotional Learning & Life Skills

Social and emotional learning will be embedded into all three components of camp with instructors as well as discussed in group building time with participants’ group leaders.

Questions? Contact Dr. Daniela Susnara, Director of Planning and Assessment for Community Engagement at or 205-348-1007.

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