CCBP Homepage

An initiative of the Division of Community Affairs, the Center for Community-Based Partnerships' role is to connect faculty, staff, students and community partners in research-based projects designed to solve critical problems identified collaboratively by community members and the University.

All academic disciplines are represented on a Council made up of campus and community members. The Council's various committees oversee project funding, conduct an awards program, propose methods to integrate teaching and research, and seek outside funding "all with the goal of fulfilling the Center's motto: "Engaging Communities and Changing Lives."

CCBP's functions revolve around the work of five offices:

Community Education

Resource Development for Community Engagement

The Office of Resource Development for Community Engagement focuses on grant acquisition and fundraising for community initiatives as part of an ongoing partnership between the Center for Community-Based Partnerships and the Black Belt Community Foundation. The director of this office acts as a loaned executive and both entities share resources, resulting in the acquisition of millions in grant funds that are utilized in ways that lift the area known as the Black Belt region of Alabama.

Program and Partnerships for Community Engagement

Global and Community Engagement

Research and Publications

"An engaged institution is responsive to the needs of today's students and tomorrow's. It enriches the student experience by bringing research into the curriculum and offering practical experience in the world they will enter. It forms partnerships of faculty, students and communities to put knowledge and skills to work on today's most critical problems"
(Adapted from "Returning to Our Roots: The Engaged Institution," Kellogg Commission Report, 1999).