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International Community Engagement through Global Café

Global Café connects students and faculty with community by sponsoring activities that lead people to share traditions and cultures, learn languages together, access local resources and make new friends. Global Café also offers opportunities for language work and cultural understanding among Americans planning to travel.

Welcome activities for international visitors

International ties for Americans planning to travel

Seminars with community leaders in Tuscaloosa

One-on-one conversation opportunities for language learners

Fulbright scholarships for international teaching and research

2022 Speakers and Special Events

Topics for the coming year include:

Welcome Back Celebration

How to Talk with Your Child's Teacher


Board Games and Holiday Traditions of the USA


Interested in applying for a Fulbright Scholarship?

learn more from Capstone International Center,, or visit

Language Partners

Each week, visitors and local tutors engage in conversations at Global Café and visitors offer their own time to assist US travelers wishing to refresh their language skills. Americans students and international visitors meet through Global Café to schedule one-on-one conversations for language learning. People from all over the world who live in Tuscaloosa have formed a committee to assist you before you go and prepare you for your trip. Learn about your destination and practice some conversational language skills before you travel. Meet a friend who will help you prepare for a successful trip.

Through this work, Global Café introduces international students and faculty to community resources, provides opportunities for language learning and offers UA students exciting new paths in international community engagement.

“One of the most wonderful things I have gained from this experience are connections that have continued beyond the Global Café program. This experience has been relevant to my course work as well since cultural sensitivity and understanding is important in the healthcare field as well as being able to explain concepts in a clear way that transcends language barriers.”

Brianna Fuchs
Work Study Language Partner

“Global Café helped me a lot. The language partner program not only helped me learn English, but also gave me a sense of belonging, hope, and support. Those events are also great experiences to obtain helpful resources and to share our own thoughts.”

Mengning Wen
Language Partner and Language Learning Intern

“Global Cafe allowed me, a freshman, to explore the city of Tuscaloosa with someone who does not know the city as well and go on a journey of UA with someone who is just as eager. Global Cafe works because everyone involved wants to be there to better not only others but themselves. ”

Jordan Alexander
Work Study Language Partner

“They eventually become your friend/family because of the relationship you have with them. A relationship developed over the course of a semester, every week for about an hour.”

Briana Gregory
Work Study Language Partner

“The Fulbright Program provides life-changing opportunities and experiences for our students.”

-Dr. Teresa Wise
Associate Provost for International Education and Global Outreach

“Through their individual community engagement activities, these graduates will contribute to mutual understanding across the world and bring home memories that will last a lifetime.”

-Dr. Beverly Hawk
UA Fulbright Program Advisor



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An initiative of the Division of Community Affairs of The University of Alabama, Global Café was developed with the cooperation of several campus and community partners, UA student groups, and numerous community leaders. Through this partnership Fulbright alumni join UA student leadership in building mutual understanding on campus and in the community.

Global Café is crucial to the student experience and the creation of positive connections with community. Global Café programs offer UA students exciting new paths toward leadership in community engagement, and we build friendships with people we might not otherwise meet.

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