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The Language Partners lgoo features a speech bubble which is also a globe.

All sessions are held at the Center for Community-Based Partnerships. A brief training orientation will be provided for all new volunteers, and the number of sessions per week is dependent on the participant’s needs and availability of tutors.

Language Partner Program for
International Visitors to Alabama

Volunteer Conversation Partners who are native English speakers offer appointments for language practice and cultural learning. All are Welcome.

Language Partner Program for
US Travelers Preparing to Go Abroad

People from all over the world who live in Tuscaloosa have formed a committee to assist you before you go and prepare you for your trip.  Learn about your destination and practice some conversational language skills before you travel. Meet a friend who will help you prepare for a successful trip.

For more information,

45 minute–1 hour sessions, Monday–Friday
8:30 am–12:00 pm // 1:00 PM–4:00 PM

Center for Community-Based Partnerships
Capital Hall, 270 Kilgore Lane

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401