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The mission of The University of Alabama’s Student Community Engagement Center is to engage students and community partners in mutually beneficial partnerships to identify and address critical community opportunities by connecting engagement to the University’s missions of teaching, research, and service.

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The purpose of the Center is to get different groups idea is to partner with the engineering group, since they do a lot with schools already, to teach the kids to read science and they teach kids to do science. Our education students can be volunteers and support projects that help students read.

Dr. Carol Donovan, Faculty Advisor

UA’s student chapter of the Public Relations Council of Alabama's mission is to provide real-world experiences for all of our members through active engagement, so when we heard about this space, the main selling point was that students would be able to do real-world work.

Anna McAbee, Public Relations Major


We want our students to understand the mission of each partner, but we want to develop goals in concert with one another. Building these relationships in this manner will help get to the root causes of problems.

Drew Pearl, Director of Community Engagement Research and Publications


In order to achieve its mission, the following six colleges and schools have been selected
for residency at the Student Community Engagement Center:

Additional colleges and schools with a demonstrated interest will be considered for residency as space becomes available within the SCEC.

College of Communication and Information Sciences

College of Engineering

College of Community Health Sciences

College of Human Environmental Sciences

College of Education

School of Social Work

Student Organizations

Within each college or school, student organizations may elect to formally partner with the SCEC in one of the following three categories: Anchor Organizations, Partner Organizations, and Affiliate Organizations.

Each college or school in residence at the SCEC is assigned designated office and storage space for use by the Anchor and Partner Organizations. It is at the discretion of representatives from the college or school to allocate the office and storage space in the event that multiple student organizations need to share the space.

Anchor Organizations are engaged in established community/university partnerships and have identified pathways to further develop and sustain their community engagement projects.

Partner Organizations are in the process of establishing and developing mutually beneficial community/university partnerships to meet identified community needs through an engaged and scholarly approach.

Affiliate Organizations demonstrate an interest in developing a scholarly approach to their community engagement work and an openness to an interdisciplinary approach.

Dr. Drew Pearl is the Director of Community Engagement Research and Publications at the Center for Community-Based Partnerships.

Dr. Drew Pearl
Director of Community Engagement Research and Publications | 205-348-2148
1115 Capital Hall, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 

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The Student Community Engagement Center is located within Capital Hall on the Bryce campus.
270 Kilgore Lane, Tuscaloosa Alabama