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4 days. 10 colleges. 500 high schoolers.

Vision Days is a campus-wide effort focusing on early recruitment of high school students from rural and underrepresented areas in our home state of Alabama.

We want Alabama 9th graders to set their sights on UA.

Over a four year period, high school students will receive materials from their chosen school of interest and return to campus with their cohort to learn about different areas of campus life.

Introduction to UA


Student Life


Academic Exploration


Beyond Graduation


Curated College Tours

As 9th graders, students will begin exploring the colleges and majors available at The University of Alabama. Their freshmen visit to campus includes a curated tour of the college of their choosing.

Not Your Average Info Session

Our info sessions provide a glimpse of resources on campus including how to get college credit while in high school, how to find academic support, and how to earn a bachelors and masters degree at the same time. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Navigating the world of financial assistance can be intimidating. Our scholarship and financial aid specialists provide expert knowledge to help students prepare for college tuition costs.

[Vision Days] gave me a chance to really see what I could do and the opportunities that I have...It was a good experience for me to get some background on certain departments....

9th Grade Student, 2018 Cohort

[Vision Days] was a great opportunity for our 9th graders to see their future possibilities.

High School Counserlor, 2018 Cohort

want to learn more about vision days?

Send us an email using the form provided or call Daniela Susnara, Director of Planning and Assessment for Community Engagement, at 205-348-1007.

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