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July 12–22, 2021

2021 STEM Entrepreneurship Academy

In July 2021, 25 students from 9 Alabama high schools participated in the STEM Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA). After being held in a virtual setting in summer 2020, the 2021 SEA was hosted as a two-week day camp with students coming on campus to explore the STEM fields and develop ways to support needs in their school communities through entrepreneurship.

Meet the Counselors


Perry Charles

Senior, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics


Nik Collins

Master's, Mechanical Engineering


CJ Patton

Junior, Chemical Engineering


Sydney Ringold

Senior, Biology

Master's, Business Administration


Sam Siomko

Master's, Biological Sciences

A special thanks to our SEA Partners:

Elizabeth Jernigan, STEM to Business Facilitator, UA marketing instructor
Dr. Jeff Gray, Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Michael McKain, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Dr. Marcus Ashford, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Alex Hainen, Associate Professor, Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering
Dr. Kabe Moen, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Tim Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer at TALA Professional Services

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